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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Tips

I'm here today with three tips in community building. And this is basically for you to put into your online marketing strategies with building a community around your blog, your forum, even groups like you have in Facebook or even LinkedIn. So the big thing you want to remember is our tip number one.

Conversations Build Communities

That is, "It's a conversation Not a Soap Box"! You're not jamming marketing messages down the community members' throat. It's a conversation, conversation means two way or its multiple way. It's not just you putting your message out there to the community, it's you engaging in conversation with the community that's what conversation is all about.
So then lets take a look at tip number two.

It's Not All About You - Be Generous

Tip number two is "Don't Be Stingy". What I mean by that is, don't always look to be writing the content all about yourself. Or posing questions that are framed all around yourself. You want to make sure that when you are participating in the community that you are sharing the wealth. It could be linking to somebody's blog in your blog post. It could be pointing somebody else to somebody else's blog post or somebody else's website for information. It doesn't always have to be about you, so that's what I mean by don't be stingy.
Let Them Know How To Find You

And then we have our third and final tip for today and that is "Leave Your Mark". So what I mean by Leave your mark is, if you are involved with MyBlogLog, make sure you are logged in and your mark will be basically be shown on somebody's blog. If you leaving a comment make sure you leave name with possibly your email address, and usually the blog holder will see that email address, or leave your twitter address. And then also in forums and message boards, if you are involved with that kind of community, make sure you've got something in your signature. Whether its a link to your blog or a link to your twitter account, these are things that will allow people to be able to communicate with you beyond the fact that you just left a comment or you replied to a thread. It is leaving your mark so those people know how to get in touch with you and communicate with you further to hold future conversations.
So those are your three tips for today's tips in online marketing.

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