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Monday, July 20, 2009

Link Building

While blog hopping, I came across, a blog I haven’t visited for months since the last time. Quite surprisingly, the blog is doing very well, properly maintained and organized. What really impressed me and caught my attention is the page rank button displayed at the sidebar showing that has a Google Page Rank of 5.
The curious webmaster that I am, I started to snoop around. And since Google primarily depends on links to determine page ranks, the first thing I did was to check how many links does has and what are the nature of these links.
I found out from my investigation that has 291 inbound links., another blog with a Google Page Rank of 5, has more inbound links (1,230). This tells us that page rank isn’t all about having more inbound links. Google however, does not show the accurate inbound links of websites using site:URL. Google Webmaster can provide a more accurate information but unfortunately, I don’t have access to these information.
Going further with my investigation, I discovered that most of’s inbound links are from blogs using the Top Commentator plugin. Ivan, the blogger behind Noobpreneur, is using the Top Commentatator as a link building strategy, which apparently is working for him.
I got interested with Ivan’s link building strategy so I decided to give it a shot and see how it works. You too should give it a try. I have compiled a list of blogs that are using the Top Commentator Plugin for our convenience.
A quick link for WBQK ZXYIQHIHS
Just a word of advice before you start commenting. Do not spam these websites. You’re just risking your blog from getting banned. The best thing you can do is to contributes to the discussions. The usual “great post”, “great blog” and “I agree to your points” comments are not going to work.
Blogs Using The Top Commentator Plugin
Entrepreneurs-Journey (Google Page Rank 6) Marketing Pilgrim (Google Page Rank 6) Shoemoney (Google Page Rank 6) Search Engine People (Google Page Rank 5) Blue Hat SEO (Google Page Rank 5) Courtney Tuttle (Google Page Rank 5) Zac Johnson (Google Page Rank 5) WP Theme Designer (Google Page Rank 5) Blueverse (Google Page Rank 5) Pixel Head Online (Google Page Rank 4) Balkhis (Google Page Rank 4) Vocino (Google Page Rank 4) The University Kid (Google Page Rank 4) Lightenings Blog World (Google Page Rank 4) Michael Laulia (Google Page Rank 4) Winning The Web (Google Page Rank 4) Jon Lee (Google Page Rank 4) Cats Who Code (Google Page Rank 4) Ahkong (Google Page Rank 4) Techie Buzz (Google Page Rank 4) Sueblimely (Google Page Rank 4) Affiliate Confession (Google Page Rank 4) Caroline Middlebrook (Google Page Rank 4) Ades Blog (Google Page Rank 3) Sly Visions (Google Page Rank 3) Small Business Branding (Google Page Rank 3) Francis Lee (Google Page Rank 3) Norhafidz (Google Page Rank 3) Dat Money (Google Page Rank 3) Thou Shall Blog (Google Page Rank 3) Tech Sagar (Google Page Rank 3) Retire At 21 (Google Page Rank 3) Benjamin Patton (Google Page Rank 3) Wayne Liew (Google Page Rank 3) Entrecard Blog (Google Page Rank 3) I’m Blogging That (Google Page Rank 3) Life Is Coulorful (Google Page Rank 3) Ben Barden (Google Page Rank 3) Nihar’s World (Google Page Rank 3) Optempo (Google Page Rank 3) Blog Anything About (Google Page Rank 3) Blogging HQ (Google Page Rank 3) Angad Sodhi (Google Page Rank 3) Terence Chang (Google Page Rank 2) Jim Karter (Google Page Rank 2) I’m Blogger (Google Page Rank 2) Mr. Javo (Google Page Rank 2) Dad Blogger (Google Page Rank 2) Silent Bits (Google Page Rank 2) TheWeblogZone (Google Page Rank 1)

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